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Keep the Machines that Drive your Business
Secure with Stellar Cyber

One platform to secure both IT and OT without adding costs or resources

While organizations make a great effort to secure the computers, servers, users, cloud apps, and the like secure from cyberattacks, operational technology (OT) security has often been left as a nice to have, not for lack of wanting, but for the perceived complexity associated with keeping turbines, power plants, robotics, and more secure.
For many security teams, taking on OT security on top of their current workloads is a non-starter. Stellar Cyber recognized this challenge and developed its security platform to enable any security team to simultaneously secure traditional IT and OT environments in the same platform without adding resources.

Common OT Security Use Cases


Non-Standard SCADA Protocol Detection

DPI engine detects all protocols occurring within the SCADA network


SCADA Network Segmentation Violation

All traffic flows (east-west, north-south) are monitored via sensors, logs (for example, firewalls), and Connectors (for example, endpoint products)


Network Attack

IDS, with commercial signature feeds, can identify thousands of network-based attacks


Malicious or
Suspicious File

Reconstruct files over the wire and detect if they are malicious or suspicious.


Anomalous Communication
Process / Port / Data Transfer

Normal” is learned for all environments, including SCADA, alerting when abnormal is detected.

Open XDR security services

IT to OT

All data across IT, DMZ, and OT are collected and analyzed to detect incidents that start/end in IT and laterally move to OT.

OT Security Specific Features

Agentless Deep Packet Inspection

3700 total protocols, 57 SCADA (includes ICCP and DNP3), 18 IoT supported out of the box.


Real-time updates from paid signatures and over-the-wire file reconstruction and classification.

Log Collection

Ability to collect logs from all sources within DMZ (for example, Windows jump host, Zero Trust Solution).

Network Detection & Response

Detecting threats on the network using supervised and unsupervised learning.


Discover assets and resolution from all data sources.

Vulnerability Management

Third party vulnerability management sensors can be installed on a Security Sensor (for example, Tenable).

Level 3 Device Log Collection

Ability to collect logs from all sources within Level 3 (for example, Engineering Workstation, Remote Access Server).

OT Product Log Collection

Ability to collect logs from OT security products (for example, Nozomi) and OT devices (for example, Honeywell).

Flexible Deployment Options

Allows immediate deployment and future-proofing to new security demands.
Automatically normalize and enrich data with context, enabling comprehensive, scalable data analysis.

Turn OT Security on its Head


Protect Your Entire
Attack Surface

Find threats in your IoT devices, critical servers, the cloud, and anywhere in between.

SIEM alternatives

Increase Security Team

See gains in MTTD and MTTR by combining intelligent automation and your expertise.


Reduce Costs &
Simplify SecOps

Eliminate complicated, expensive security products, freeing budget and resources.

Bring Hidden Threats to Light

Expose threats hiding in the gaps left by your current security products, making it harder for attackers to harm your business.
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