The Security Operations Platform
for Lean Security Teams

Open XDR platform with 100s of turnkey integrations, automated workflows, hands-free AI-driven threat detections, and integrated response capabilities delivered under a single license.

Helping Lean Security Teams

Make Security Operations Simpler

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How Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform Works

Firewall Traffic Analysis

Stellar Cyber Makes
Security Operations Simpler

Delivering NG-SIEM, NDR, IDS, UEBA, TIP and SOAR in a Open XDR platform

Automated threat hunting

Flexible Data

Collect data from any
security product, IT, and
productivity tool using
pre-built integrations

Endpoint detection and response tools

Data Collection

Collect raw network
and log data to identify
additional threats

Network detection and response

Data Normalization
& Enrichment

Data automatically
normalized and enriched to
enable comprehensive data

User Behavior Analytics

Threat Hunting

Schedule repeatable
threat hunts across entire

NDR platform

Threat Detection

Combines static rules, supervised & unsupervised machine learning,
and automated threat hunting
to identify advanced threats

SIEM platform

Machine Learning

Creates correlated
incidents providing security
analysts prioritized threats
to investigate

SIEM alternatives


Complete investigations faster using
built-in context, increasing efficiency and effectiveness

Automated SOC

Direct Incident

Schedule repeatable threat
hunts across entire dataset

Turn Security Operations on its Head

Extended detection and response

Protect The Entire
Attack Surface

Find threats wherever they exist, from IOT devices and critical servers, the cloud, and anywhere in between.

Next Gen SIEM

Increase Security
Team Performance

Drive significant gains In MTTD and
MTTR by combining intelligent
automation and human expertise.

Open XDR

Reduce Costs &
Simplify SecOps

Eliminate complicated, expensive
security products, freeing budget
and resources.

Explore The Platform

SIEM tools

Data Onboarding and Management Made Easy

Ensuring you have the data you need to identify threats is the first step in any successful security program. See how we make it easy.

User Behavior Analytics

Working with Alerts and Incidents

Investigating alerts manually is no longer feasible. See how Stellar Cyber makes working with alerts and Incidents faster than ever before.

SIEM tools

Automated Threat Hunting and Incident Response

The threats you do not see are the ones that can hurt the most. See how Stellar Cyber automates threat hunting and incident response.

Bring Hidden
Threats to Light

Expose threats hiding in the gaps left by your
current security products, making it harder for
attackers to harm your business.

Firewall Traffic Analysis