Securing Multi-Cloud Environments

Deliver Consistent Security Outcomes Across All your Cloud Environments with Stellar Cyber

Why Securing a Multi-Cloud Environment is Challenging

Most organizations allow the use of multiple public and private clouds to meet the needs of their users and customers. While this flexibility allows the business to adapt to changing requirements quickly, ensuring the security of these environments with a single security stack takes work.

SIEM tools


It is relatively typical for security product vendors to develop a comprehensive integration into a single public cloud environment and minimal integration into other cloud environments.

Automated threat hunting


Public clouds can provide robust auditing and logging of user and application activities. However, every cloud records and stores this critical information differently.

Open XDR

Threat Detections

Detecting abnormal user activity across all public clouds requires a security product to understand the data recording in each environment and develop specific detections for each, which many security vendors still need to do.

How to Effectively Secure a Multi-Cloud Environment

A multi-layer security approach gives your team the best chance to secure your multi-cloud environment. 

Cloud Embedded Security

Using the native security capabilities within the public cloud providers' ecosystem is the first step in securing your environment.

SIEM tools

Cloud Security Posture
Management (CSPM)

To detect and prevent cloud misconfigurations that can lead to business-disrupting data breaches and compliance violations, CSPM is a must.

SIEM platform

Network Protection (NDR)

Understanding how data moves across your public cloud environments and on-premises assets is critical to identifying potential threats. NDR delivers the capabilities you need to meet this requirement.

User Behavior Analytics

Security Analytics

Security Analytics lets you detect potential threats across your public clouds by actively monitoring and correlating user and entity behaviors and flagging suspicious activities.


Automated Response

With the previous protection layers in place, you need a way to quickly respond to a detected threat at scale. An automated response product like SOAR can be the difference between thwarting an attacker early and a wide-scale breach.

How Stellar Cyber Can Help

Stellar Cyber delivers over 400 integrations out-of-the-box, including integrations to every primary public cloud provider, such as AWS, Microsft Azure, Google Compute, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). With integrations to popular CSPMs, choosing which of these products to use is up to you. You maintain control.

Stellar Cyber also provides network protection, security analytics, and automated response capabilities to deliver your multi-cloud security.

The Product Capabilities Delivered in Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Automatically identifies anomalous and suspicious behaviors to eliminate potential security threats other security controls miss.

Next-Generation SIEM (Next-Gen SIEM)

Collect and automatically normalize log data from any data source to optimize search and threat-hunting functions, making data audit-ready for compliance purposes.

Threat InteI Platform (TIP)

Third-party threat intel sources can easily be integrated into the platform and used to enrich any alert to provide appropriate context.

Network Detection and Response (NDR)

Combines raw packet collection with NGFW, logs, NetFlow, and IPFix from physical or virtual switches, containers, servers, and public clouds to identify network threats.

Intrusion Detection (IDS) & Malware Sandbox

Suspicious files detonate automatically and safely to determine if they have malicious intent.

Security Orchestration and Response (SOAR)

Respond to cyber threats using pre-defined playbooks, ensuring consistent security outcomes.

With Stellar Cyber, Enablement is Included

For MSSPs: We train your SOC team to use the platform and your sales team to sell the platform effectively.

For Enterprises: We train your administrators and analysts to use the platform as effectively as possible.

Secure Your Multi-Cloud Environment with Stellar Cyber

SIEM replacement

Protect Your Entire
Attack Surface

Find threats in your IT/OT devices, critical servers, the cloud, and anywhere in between.

SIEM platform

Improve Security

Find hidden threats early, eliminating constant firefighting

SIEM alternatives

Reduce Costs &
Simplify SecOps

Eliminate complicated, expensive security products, freeing budget and resources.