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How Blackberry Cylance Endpoint and Stellar Cyber Open XDR Work Together to Keep Organizations Safe

Cylance rocked the legacy endpoint anti-virus world by introducing the first-ever endpoint prevention product that claimed the uncanny ability to detect and prevent never-before-seen malicious files from executing on an endpoint. Previously it was thought the only way to stop malicious files from executing was to have seen them before. With Cylance and its groundbreaking use of machine learning to identify characteristics of malicious files in real time, the whole paradigm shifted. Almost immediately, the adoption of Cylance skyrocketed across large and small organizations. Today, the heritage of Cylance can be seen across the industry, with many vendors using similar approaches to combat ransomware, phishing, and other attack types using machine learning. 

Similarly, Stellar Cyber took an innovative approach to security operations by introducing the first Open XDR platform in 2015. With Stellar Cyber, organizations could integrate any data source into the platform and, using customer AI/ML provided by Stellar Cyber, correlate seemingly disparate data points to uncover multi-vector attacks in seconds. This agnostic approach to security tooling meant security decision-makers were no longer held hostage by their security vendor and could make changes to their underlying security stacks without hampering their security teams ability to deliver continuous, consistent security outcomes across their on-premises, cloud, and OT environments. Blackberry Cylance and Stellar Cyber combine two innovative solutions in a proper 1 + 1 = 3 formula

Stellar Cyber and Blackberry deliver AI/ML-powered solutions, eliminating attackers’ advantages from endpoints to the cloud and beyond. Blackberry enables organizations to identify threats using purpose-built AI/ML models on their endpoints via Cylance Endpoint. Stellar Cyber provides broad coverage across the attack surface and, with Blackberry, forms a best-in-class threat detection and response platform that ensures organizations are protected from modern attacks.

Unlike other XDR products that rely heavily on endpoint detection and response solutions to identify threats, the Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform augments EDR alert data with native threat detection with built-in NDR, UEBA, IDS, Sandbox analysis, and TIP to deliver the critical security capabilities required to keep a business secure without complexity.

Stellar Cyber expertly processes and analyzes data from disparate data sources using deep machine learning models to identify suspected threats automatically, enabling faster remediation of threats. The combined Stellar Cyber/Blackberry solution gives security teams a significant advantage over attackers who cannot easily outmaneuvered. 

Once Blackberry data is ingested and normalized in its Open XDR platform, Stellar Cyber uses machine learning to identify potential threats against the enterprise landscape. Once detected, Stellar Cyber’s built-in response capabilities, which include additional integrations with Blackberry, enable security analysts to take remediation actions against the threat directly from the Stellar Cyber UI, streamlining the entire threat detection and response process. 


Key benefits of the Stellar Cyber/Blackberry include:

  • Consolidate security stacks, eliminating redundant products
  • Increase security teams’ productivity by eliminating manual processes
  • Significantly reduce MTTD and MTTR without adding staff or other resources to security operations teams

To learn more about this integration, check out this short video: