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Stellar Cyber Product Update

Back to School Edition Kevin Wilson from our Product Management team is providing this month’s product update blog, detailing a few key features and enhancements designed to make the user experience better. Check it out below. Well, it’s here. Back to School season is officially upon us! No more Zoom pop-ins for help with a …

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AlienVault alternatives

When is Enough, Enough?

Are SIEMs the foundation to build on or are they empty promises? With more complex cyberattacks on the rise, and with COVID-19 adding additional challenges to protecting the enterprise, is the SIEM the go-forward core of a next-gen security operations center (SOC), or is it time to consider new ideas? We discuss daily the cybersecurity …

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Next Gen SIEM

Big companies are not immune to Ransomware!

CISO At Large David Barton, Chief Information Security Officer, brings to Stellar Cyber more than 20 years of experience in security leadership roles across a variety of industries, including telecommunications, healthcare, software development, finance and government. Prior to Stellar Cyber, he was Chief Operating Officer for 5Iron. Before 5Iron, he spent three years as Chief …

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Open XDR

XDR Without Limits

The industry is awash in cybersecurity tools that focus on specific parts of the infrastructure. There’s EDR (endpoint detection and response) for endpoints, NDR (network detection and response) for network traffic and so on. Palo Alto Networks (@PaloAltoNtwks), Trend Micro (@TrendMicro) and LogRythm (@LogRhythm) all talk to “XDR” (extended detection and response in IT infrastructure) …

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AlienVault alternatives

A brief history of machine learning in cybersecurity

How to connect all the dots in a complex threat landscape Originally published in Security infowatch AUTHORS DAVID BARTONDR. ALBERT ZHICHUN LI (IMAGE COURTESY OF BIGSTOCK.COM) As the volume of cyberattacks grows, security analysts have become overwhelmed. To address this issue, developers are showing more interest in using Machine Learning (ML) to automate threat-hunting. In …

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