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How to leverage Open XDR as a strategic advantage for MSP and MSSP partners

leverage Open XDR as a strategic advantage for MSP and MSSP partners
Stellar Cyber built the original Open XDR platform. It provides tool consolidation, improved SOC performance, and significantly reduces the critical metrics of MTTD and MTTR.  This is accomplished through ML-based detections, automated threat hunting, integrated threat intelligence feeds to speed analysis, and automated response capabilities.  For our MSP and MSSP partners, it has proven to help them achieve a significant strategic advantage.

Competition is getting tighter though, and it is not only coming from other security products (SIEM, NTA); one of the areas where we see the most recent XDR development is EDR.   As the cost for EDR products themselves has become more competitive, many of the manufacturers are forced to offer expanded monitoring and management services to maintain profitability.  According to our research with Gartner, they started by adding firewall and e-mail monitoring to provide MDR.  Now they are moving into XDR by adding public cloud, SAAS, containers, and network traffic.  If managed services providers are not careful, they could be leapfrogged by their current EDR suppliers.  Stellar Cyber can not only help you compete against these new offers – we can help you win.

Stellar Cyber Open XDR

Creating detections across all of the threat vectors outside of EDR is complex and takes a significant amount of time to develop.  Whether vendors are building XDR solutions from scratch or integrating through acquisition, this is a time- and resource-intensive process.  Stellar Cyber started that journey over five years ago, so we have a significant head start.  

Today, we have more supervised and unsupervised detections than any other XDR platform.  The number and efficacy of our ML-based detections will be a strategic advantage for your SOC operations – no more managing ineffective and noisy rule sets for every customer.  We continue to add new detections as the attackers change their tactics in every platform update.  This will make it difficult for our competitors to catch up.

Detecting emerging threats is another core capability of the Stellar Cyber Platform.  Many employees continue to work remotely during the Covid pandemic.  If they are no longer behind your corporate firewall, emerging threats are difficult to detect and more importantly remediate.  We have created specific ML detection models for remote workers that integrate into not only their EDR of choice, but all of the cloud services they are leveraging to do their jobs.

Correlating all of these events into a meaningful representation significantly simplifies diagnosing an emerging threat.  In most platforms you will see a long list of alerts from multiple technologies.  It can take even an experienced analyst days to piece together those alerts into an event.  With Stellar Cyber we have developed an Automated Threat Hunting rule that looks for the TTPs in emerging threats and can detect them in most cases before they even become public. The analyst can quickly review a correlated 360-degree diagram and timeline of the event to determine the fastest path to remediation, reducing the MTTD and MTTR.  All of this can easily be shared with your customers through RBAC in their tenant or through our customized reporting.

The Open aspect of the Stellar Cyber platform is also critical.  This eliminates vendor lock-in and provides the partner the flexibility to choose the security technologies that work best for them and their customers.  Open XDR ensures your services will be flexible to meet current customer requirements, attract new customers, and evolve to provide superior support for both in the future. 

“There are several different approaches to XDR currently being offered in the market today,” said Dave Gruber, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “While many require the use of specific security controls and/or operations tools, the Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform enables security teams to overlay XDR on top of existing tools, speeding time-to-value and leveraging existing investments.”

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