Stellar Cyber is the only security operations platform providing high-speed high-fidelity threat detection across the entire attack surface


security solutions


By collecting, aggregating and transforming the data across your entire IT Infrastructure from network, endpoints, users, cloud to applications.

Security software


Automatic thread detection and correlation through machine learning and behavior analysis

Security software


Tightly integrated security applications working together in harmony to detect threats across the entire cyber kill chain.



Accurate threat detection in real time by piecing together complex attacks missed by the others

internet security


Automatic response without leaving the platform, reducing the thread dwelling time from hours/days to seconds/minutes

security analysis


Micro-service clustering architecture scaling with the ever growing data across hybrid cloud environment

Powered by Open XDR

Stellar Cyber developed the first open extended detection and response (Open XDR) platform--with fundamentally redefines how threat detection and response are done. It automatically collects, normalizes and correlates all security data from multiple security products into a single platform. Advanced threat detection is performed using AI and automated correlation with high accuracy. Automation with contextual and actionable data make threat hunting and investigation easier than ever. Automatic responses eliminate repetitive tasks and reduce threat response time.

Open XDR protects customers’ existing cybersecurity investments by integrating with existing security products of their choice. At the same time, it eliminates lots of tools’ costs by natively supporting many of its own security tools. Now, with a single intuitive console, security operations has never been done so efficiently and cost-effectively with high efficacy.

  • See the whole picture across the entire security infrastructure by bringing together all security data from networks, endpoints, cloud and applications into a single platform through sensors, collectors and log forwarders
  • The raw data collected are transformed into Interflow™ records with rich context by a centralized data processor, which enriches and correlates them with data such as Threat Intelligence and user information, and stores them in a data lake for easy security analysis
  • Built-in complex analytics leverage both supervised and unsupervised machine learning (including deep learning) running on the datasets to identify high-fidelity breach events
  • It correlates individual security events, which increases detection efficacy and helps reveal complex attack campaigns by combining the weak signals from the cyber kill chain across the entire attacking surface
  • With contextual and actionable data in readable and searchable format with a Google-like search engine, threat hunting and investigations can be conducted quickly, automatically or manually with ease.
  • Automatic incident response capabilities are provided through flexible and programable playbooks with tight integration with many existing security tools like NGFW, EDR and IAM.
  • Besides supporting security tools already deployed, Open XDR has many built-in and tightly integrated security applications such as NTA, NG-SIEM, UEBA, ATH, SOAR, Asset Management, dramatically improving security analysis performance.
  • Open XDR is based on a cloud-native micro-service architecture with containers. It allows for the maximum deployment flexibility from on-prem to the cloud and from physical to virtual. It provides scalability and high availability for large data volumes.

- Stellar Cyber overview in 3 minutes

Watch this 3 minute video on how Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR Platform solves the tool, data and people challenges in the cybersecurity industry today.

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