The Ugly Truth About
Keeping a Higher Education
Environment Secure

20 Million

The number of students in the
United States that attend colleges
and universities daily.

5 GB

The amount of disk space allocated
to every student at Stanford to store
anything they want.

That’s up to 100 petabytes of data
needing protection on campuses.

4 Thousand

Colleges and universities
In the United States


The number of security
analysts currently employed
in the United States.

4 Percent

(roughly 1,350) work
in education!

That means, on average, a university has
about 1/3 of a person dedicated
to cybersecurity.

3.79 million

The average cost
of a data breach to
a university.


separate schools and colleges
were potentially affected by
ransomware in 2021

30 Days

schools lose on
average while recovering
from the attack

With the numbers stacked against
your team, now is the time to take a
new approach to how you keep your
schools secure.

It's Time to Learn About

Open XDR

Open XDR technology is meant for
teams like yours, where resources are
scarce but attacks are plentiful.


With an Open XDR platform you can:

Integrate all your
existing security, IT,
and productivity data
into a single platform.

Using Al and machine
learning, quickly hone in
on threats that could cause
the most damage
to your schools

Automated threat hunting

Take decisive response
actions directly from the
Open XDR platform,
making use of pre-built
integrations into your
endpoint, firewall, DLP
and any other security
fool you have deployed.

Don't be Fooled, Though

Some vendors touting Open XDR really mean they are open
to integrating with a minimal amount of 3rd party products.
If you choose them, be prepared to rip out your endpoint
product and use theirs.
True Open XDR products integrate with virtually any security
product on the market. That means you remain in charge
of your security stack.
Stellar Cyber is the innovator of Open XDR technology and
provides tons of useful resources to teach you about Open XDR.
To learn more about Open XDR visit