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Five Reasons IBM QRadar SIEM On-Premises Users Evaluate and Choose Stellar Cyber Open XDR

By now, everyone knows the SIEM market is experiencing a never-before-seen consolidation, causing many security teams to re-evaluate their current SIEM products. That said, no user base is taking the brunt of this chaos more than current IBM QRadar On-premises SIEM users. This customer base is much like a 3rd baseman whose contract expires at the end of the year and finds out at the all-start break (which, for all the non-MLB fans, is roughly halfway through the 162-game season) there is no extension coming from management. While in reality, no MLB front office would probably do that since that could impact the player’s performance for the remainder of the season, this is what IBM has essentially told their QRadar On-Premises customer base.

So now this fictional 3rd baseman has two options: do the bare minimum for the remainder of their contract and hope someone is interested in picking them up next year, or do all they can to pad their stats for the remainder of the year, which does help their current team, but also makes them more attractive to other managers. The excellent news for QRadar on-premises users is that they don’t need extra time in the batting cage or do a few additional sets in the weight room. Every vendor in the SIEM market would love to convince them to take a look at their SIEM product.

Unfortunately, most SIEM vendors only offer their product from the cloud, so if you need to stay on-premises (see my blog from last week for some valid reasons on-premises might be the right choice for an organization), the universe of SIEM alternatives shrinks rapidly. By now, I am sure you guessed it, but yes, Stellar Cyber is one of the very few SIEM/XDR/SecOps Platform vendors whose platform is deployable on-premises, delivered from the cloud, or managed (or co-managed by an MSSP). Since the news of the Palo Alto Networks purchase of IBM QRadar Cloud SIEM hit the wire, we have discussed moving to the Stellar Cyber Platform with many current QRadar on-premises customers. Here are the top five reasons QRadar on-prem customers evaluate Stellar Cyber:

We are More than “Just a SIEM”

Let’s face it: there are tons of SIEM products on the market that, aside from a few bells and whistles, offer commoditized security capabilities. While that can be good if a security team is simply looking to duplicate their capabilities today, when making a change, why move to something that gives you what you already have when options available can give you more? Stellar Cyber includes many security capabilities that a typical SIEM does not include by default. While you might be able to add on some of these capabilities for an additional cost, Stellar Cyber includes everything you see below under a single license, single-price model. In our talks with these customers, many look at their potential move to Stellar Cyber as a way for them to rationalize some of the other products in their security stack. (aka, turning lemons into tasty lemonade)

Our Threat Detection and Machine Learning in Next-Level

When you think of SIEM, what is the most significant negative that comes to mind first? If you are like most, you had images of creating dozens of detection and correlation rules regularly and managing the rules already in use to ensure you get some kind of value out of the SIEM investment. Many of the QRadar customers we have spoken to have seen our SIEM platform’s ability to eliminate the need for them to manage and create their own correlation rules as a significant plus. In Stellar Cyber, we leverage a multi-mode approach to threat detection, using curated correlation rules that we deliver and our purpose-built AI/ML models to detect threats. Users can optionally create rules using our integrated threat-hunting module.

We also use Graph Machine Learning to correlate threats and show how all the associated assets, users, files, and more are related.

While doing this type of analysis manually might be funny in a sitcom, it’s the bane of many security analysts’ existence in real life.


Early in my career, I thought anything I wrote had to be huge. More was always better in my mind. Then, one day, a boss of mine told me, “You are a good writer, but now go back and cut what you did in half. I was offended; how could I get rid of anything I wrote? It was “gold.” Then, reluctantly, I started to carve it up. Sure enough, when done, I cut the content in half and did not lose anything important. From that point on, I have always tried to keep things simple. 

If something isn’t needed, we get rid of it. If there is a more straightforward way for a user to access features in the platform, we do it. When QRadar on-prem customers see our product, they typically cite the ease of use as the main reason they are considering moving to Stellar Cyber.

The Hunt for Red October

One of my favorite movies is “The Hunt for Red October.” If you are not familiar with it (spoiler alert), here is a short synopsis (thanks ChatGPT):

“The Hunt for Red October” is a thrilling Cold War-era film about a Soviet submarine captain, Marko Ramius, defecting to the U.S. with his advanced sub. CIA analyst Jack Ryan must convince the Americans of Ramius’ intentions while evading the Soviets, who are determined to sink the renegade vessel.

In the movie, Jack Ryan discovers the Soviet submarine through intelligence reports and satellite images. He analyzes the information and hypothesizes that Captain Ramius intends to defect rather than launch an attack. So, Jack’s hunting abilities save the day in the end. In cybersecurity, threat hunting is often considered “nice-to-have” expertise on a team. In Stellar Cyber, however, we included threat-hunting capabilities in the platform, enabling virtually any security analyst to carry out threat-hunting tasks. When discussing this embedded capability with QRadar on-prem users, they are intrigued about adding it to their teams without increasing resources.

I’ll Take Mine On-Premises

Last but certainly not least, when QRadar on-prem users understand that Stellar Cyber works from the cloud, on-premises, or co-managed (or fully managed) by an MSSP) their interest level goes to 11

A vendor rarely makes the strategic decision to support both SaaS and on-premises versions of their product. Many vendors simply cannot afford to devote the time and resources required to deliver on-prem and SaaS versions of their products that offer the same outcomes, so they opt for SaaS only. Call us peculiar, but here at Stellar Cyber, we recognize that security teams must often deploy on-prem but are usually left to go without a product or figure out a way to make a SaaS version of a product that meets their needs. Vendors should make a security team’s life easier, not harder, so why make them jump through hoops to make our product work? Therefore, if you need to deploy on-prem, we have you covered. As a plus, if you want to move to the cloud in the future, you can do that easily with Stellar Cyber, something not many vendors can offer.

Closing Thoughts

Change in the cybersecurity landscape is inevitable, but vendors rarely put their customer base in such an uncomfortable position as current IBM QRadar on-premises users. If you are one of these customers, reach out to us today and set up a private consultation where we can show you how Stellar Cyber can meet and surpass the outcomes you are getting from your current QRadar on-prem SIEM.

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