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Leverage the tools and telemetry you trust

The industry is at a pivotal point. With the pandemic driving up work-from-home and forcing hybrid work environments as well as many applications moving to the cloud, cybersecurity professionals are challenging best practices and once-thought foundational assumptions. Is a platform with tightly integrated native capabilities the right foundation for the future security instead of siloed security tools?

Leverage the tools and telemetry you trust

Stellar Cyber says yes to platform – with a twist – a solution that is open so it can integrate with the existing security tools like NGFW, IDS, EDR, Vulnerability Management and SIEM systems so enterprises and MSSP customers don’t have to abandon their current cybersecurity investments and keep the choice for the best breed of tools. Immediately improving detections with tools the customer already trusts, Stellar Cyber increases the value of existing cybersecurity solutions and provides a seamless path toward a fully integrated security solution with dramatically improved economics.

Under the hood, Stellar Cyber’s platform is open eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) recently identified by Gartner, ESG and Omdia as a means for enterprises and MSSPs to consolidate their SOC with more accurate detection and drive up productivity while reducing the cost at the same time. The goal of XDR is to have one platform that can detect and resolve cyberattacks anywhere they occur in the network, from endpoints and users to networks to SaaS applications and the cloud. The Stellar Cyber platform is the only cohesive and intelligent XDR platform that is open to the existing cyber-solutions such as IDS, EDR, and SIEM, so companies need not abandon their existing solutions to leverage its benefits. 

Cohesive XDRs can consolidate multiple security tools into one integrated platform under a single, intuitive interface, and enable analysts to see the whole picture of their security posture across the entire cybersecurity kill chain. Stellar Cyber’s additional advantage is it works with existing tools – no disruption to show immediate value.

Stellar Cyber consolidates more than 20 security apps natively integrated into the platform. Stellar Cyber’s integrations with existing customer solutions create a unified console for threat detection and response, making security analysts more productive because they don’t have to go from one console to another and manually correlate detections. Stellar Cyber leverages AI and ML to automatically correlate what would appear to be separate, benign indicators to identify complex threats that other solutions miss across cloud, endpoint, users, networks and applications. The cohesive platform is also architected as multi-tier, multi-tenant from the ground up, providing isolation between customers, groups or affiliates with the AI being performed per tenant as well.

This platform approach delivers new SOC economics, dramatically reducing capital expenses on tools while improving operational efficiency. One platform is less than the cost of one of the five common tools and increases productivity of security operations teams by three times by leveraging machine learning to improve the accuracy of detections. Built-in automated response capability reduces overall time to response.

The Stellar Cyber platform is also much more efficient – it scans and evaluates data from throughout the organization to spot complex attacks composed of multiple detections, each of which, by itself, may not be significant. By correlating multiple detections, Stellar Cyber’s platform  can spot attacks that other systems miss. Here is an example that can be visualized, analyzed and responded to in minutes with under 10 clicks by one analyst. By themselves, each of these individual events may look trivial. If you happen to have the right security tools deployed, you may find out that:

  • Your CEO receives a PHISHING email with an embedded MALICIOUS URL.
  • Your CEO downloads a MALWARE file to his laptop by going to the URL
  • Your CEO accesses a file server at 2am on a weekday, an ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR in a UBA term
  • Your CEO’s laptop sends out lots of DNS traffic via DNS TUNELLING

Without Stellar Cyber, this is a lot of independent cybersecurity analysis by four different tools. Stellar Cyber brings these functions all together – helping to broaden the available talent pool needed to run the SOC, since a level 1 SOC analyst now can perform at Level 2 and so on.

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