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Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR – Step into Security

Security can be intimidating for MSP partners making the transition to MSSP.  The industry makes it sound too complex and capital intensive to cross the chasm.  We believe that there are logical, cost-effective steps you can take to get more of your customers to purchase security and provide better profitability.

Network detection and response tools

MSP partners have built long-term relationships with their clients.  Outsourcing security brings a third company into that mix.  In many cases, the MDR service they provide is expensive.  The result is that even if you take this approach, only a small percentage of your customers will choose to purchase it.  In the worst case, the customer may gravitate toward the other provider.

To help MSP partners, Stellar Cyber has built the Jumpstart Program.  There are five simple steps you can follow to leverage the Open XDR Platform:

  • Base – 8×5 Security Monitoring
  • Bronze – 24×7 Security Monitoring
  • Silver – 24×7 Security Monitoring with Manual Response
  • Gold – 24×7 Security Monitoring with Manual and Automated Response
  • Platinum – 24×7 Security Monitoring with Manual Response, Automated Response, and Threat Hunting

This is a framework you can use to build a portfolio of security services.  It provides options for every customer risk level and budget.  The goal is to get the biggest percentage of your customers purchasing security to fund your operations.

Leveraging our virtual enablement and onboarding resources, the program will help you build your own world-class security operations capability.  The Open XDR platform will integrate with all the tools your current customers and prospects use.  If we don’t have it – we will build the integration for you.

If you are serious about expanding your business into cyber security, please reach out to us.  We will build a customized success plan tailored to your business and how your customers like to buy.


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