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The Car Dealership Hack: Securing the Supply Chain

The news earlier this week about the CDK hack reveals the major flaw—and prevalent issue—in a vulnerable supply chain. The vulnerability of the CDK Global system turns out to have had far reaching consequences as nearly 15,000 dealerships across the continent are still struggling to operate their businesses

CDK Global, a provider of cloud-based software to car dealerships all over North America, was the victim of a ransomware attack on Wednesday, June 19. The attack resulted in the suspension of all system operations, which impacted the business of thousands of its clients across North America, a delay which is still affecting car sales over a week later.

The attack demonstrates the fragility of a system where a business can be compromised not only by flaws in its own security system, but also flaws in the security systems of all its technology suppliers. The task of securing an enterprise is then exponentially more difficult—and makes a comprehensive solution even more crucial.

We think of cybersecurity as a singularly proprietary action. When we think of attack surface, we think of network, cloud, user, app, and endpoint. The reality, however, is far more complicated. Cybersecurity solutions are only as effective as their weakest point, and supply chain vulnerabilities can render individual cybersecurity platforms essentially useless. 

So how do we protect ourselves in an enterprise world where businesses rely heavily on each other—and are therefore more vulnerable?

Open XDR is a security solutions platform that can address vulnerabilities in the supply chain. The CDK Global hack demonstrates how solutions that can efficiently protect all aspects of a business’s vulnerabilities without overburdening their IT departments are more necessary than ever.

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