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Product Update: Bringing It All Together Edition

SIEM platform

While hopefully everyone reading this had a fun and festive holiday season with family and friends, the Stellar Cyber product management, development, and quality assurance teams were hard at work building more efficient ways to bring all your data together into our Open XDR Platform and make it even easier to respond to cyberattacks.

Here are a couple of these new features to be on the lookout for:

  • Generic Webhook Responder: This responder provides a standardized way to respond quickly and efficiently through APIs & webhooks without lengthy development time, enabling seamless data flow and enhancing the flexibility of our platform.
  • Generic S3 Collector: This connector allows you to integrate data from various sources stored in Amazon S3 or any other S3-compatible storage system. With this connector, you can incorporate their data into our platform, regardless of the source.

DIY Cybersecurity
If you have ever attempted a home improvement project and ultimately had to hire someone to fix what you did, you know that sometimes leaving things to the professional is a better idea. On the other hand, sometimes completing a project yourself can be rewarding and a huge time saver. To that end, we are working on the design of a generic webhook for data ingestion. This webhook would enable you to integrate with various applications and services by standardizing how you can send data to our Open XDR platform. More to come on this feature in future updates.

Additionally, we are working on parser management & upgrades 2.0. As part of our upcoming Framework 2.0. This initiative aims to enhance our parsers’ management and customization capabilities, allowing you to modify and adapt them to your needs quickly. The new (nearly complete) design ensures our parsers remain scalable and customizable, enabling seamless integration with diverse data sources.

Our job is to continually make detecting, investigating, and responding to threats easier, and these DIY features are yet another way to show our commitment to this goal.

And, of course, More Integrations

Over the past two releases, we have expanded our 3rd party alert integrations and enhanced our capabilities. In the past two releases, we have added the following:

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) CloudGuard alert integration
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) GuardDuty alert integration
  • Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) alert integration
  • Varonis alert integration
  • Mimecast alert integration
  • Acronis alert integration

We are integration fanatics, so the team is currently working on these new integrations (among others):

  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
  • Netskope Alert Integration
  • HYAS
  • Box Shield
  • Cisco Duo Trust Monitor

Check us out at RSAC!
Before you know it, the security industry will descend on the bay for RSAC 2024. We are hard at work planning some cool things for the event and a few surprises. Check out our event page and register for our bay cruise before it fills up!

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