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Looking Ahead for Stellar Cyber

As many of us take stock of our personal goals, achievements, and aspirations this time of year, I like to look at our company similarly, reviewing our goals, achievements, and aspirations for the future.

Going into 2023, we had four clear objectives:

  1. Deliver an exceptional customer experience from day one.
  2. Strive for continuous product innovation.
  3. Expand our “routes-to-market” worldwide..
  4. Champion the value and power of Open XDR.

Now that 2023 is in the rearview, I am happy to report that we remained focused on these objectives, with the results speaking for themselves.

First, our relentless pursuit of customer excellence directly led to doubling our top 250 MSSP customer base, now up to nearly 50, and being rated a top 3 vendor in the most recent MSSP Alert survey. Our drive for continuous innovation can be seen in our product development (which I will discuss later) and several critical strategic partnerships we entered in 2023 with Oracle, Blackberry, Hitachi, and SentinelOne, to name a few.

From a route-to-market perspective, we added new vital partners in Malaysia (PROVINTELL), the Philippines (NEXTGEN Group, NTT Data Solutions), and Thailand (Vintcom). On top of these partner additions, we introduced two new programs: InterSTELLAR for our partners, aimed at increasing access to materials, expertise, and sales support from Stellar Cyber, and our University Program, giving educational institutions that not only train tomorrow’s security leaders but provide not-for-profit security services for underserved communities access to our platform.

Our continued focus on educating cybersecurity professionals on the power and value of Open XDR led to a few notable milestones for Stellar Cyber. First, Gartner included Stellar Cyber in their 2023 Market Guide for XDR as a representative vendor, listed among some of the most prominent cybersecurity vendors in the world. Additionally, our company was recognized by Gartner in several other reports (Hype Cycle for XDR solutions for midsized companies, NDR Voice of Customer, SecOps Vendor Hype Cycle) in large part due to our efforts to educate buyers on the importance of Open XDR.

Finally, from a product innovation perspective, we launched our first GenAI feature in December, making it easy for users to get answers from our platform using Stellar Cyber Chat. We are only scratching the surface with GenAI, so more is to come in this area.

Bottom line, 2023 was a banner year for Stellar Cyber, where we were able to help security teams significantly improve their ability to detect and respond to threats faster, improving their effectiveness while at the same time reducing the cost and complexity of securing their environments.

2024 and Beyond

2024 will be a big year for Stellar Cyber in more ways than one. From a commercial perspective, we will continue to look for new and innovative ways to deliver our Open XDR platform to MSSPs and Enterprise customers, ensuring we deliver value from day one. From a product perspective, we will be leveling up everything about our platform, from how you integrate data sources and the way our AI/ML detects and correlates threats to how response automation works in the platform. Keep an eye out for blogs on these critical updates to our platform as the year progresses.

We wish all our current and future partners and customers a prosperous, safe, and exciting year.