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Distributed Security Intelligence

Distributed Security Intelligence  Artificial Intelligence is radically transforming the cybersecurity industry. To successfully use A.I for security, the quality of the data is paramount. Security-related data must be collected from many different sources – network data from packets, server data from commands and processes, application data such as logs, and threat intelligence data from security …

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SOC platform

What Are DGAs and How to Detect them?

Domain Generation Algorithms (DGAs) are a class of algorithms that periodically and dynamically generate large numbers of domain names. Typically, the domains are used by malware and botnets as rendezvous points to facilitate callback to the malicious actor’s Command & Control servers. DGAs allow malware to generate tens of thousands of domains per day, the …

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Network detection and response

The 2017 Equifax Breach

In 2017, Equifax, one of the world’s largest credit reporting agencies suffered a cyber breach of unprecedented impact and scale.  More than 145 million records of personal identifiable information were stolen by cyber criminals.  Because of the nature of this breach, the CEO of Equifax resigned, a congressional investigation commenced, Equifax’s stock took a hit …

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