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The New-Look Stellar Cyber

SIEM platform

As a cybersecurity vendor, making a great product or service that solves a big problem is our goal. If we do our job right, we will help security teams better protect their environments and grow our business. Now, a million variables play into a company’s ability to grow. While many are directly related to the product offering, such as:

  • Is our product user-friendly enough? 
  • Do we have all the required features to solve the problem? 
  • Are we priced correctly compared to the value we deliver?  

Many other variables that impact success might have nothing to do with the products themselves. One of the most essential factors in the success of any product, and its company, is the ability to effectively communicate what the product can deliver for the buyer. In other words, why should the buyer care?

Network traffic analysis

With so many cybersecurity vendors in the market today, getting your message across to potential buyers in an effective, memorable way is no easy undertaking. Frankly, when you look at many vendors’ websites and read about what problems they solve and the benefits they deliver, it can be difficult to distinguish one vendor from another. Moreover, many vendors are so enamored with their own products that they spend the vast majority of their time talking about how cool and innovative the technology is and forget to emphasize how their offerings will benefit the buyer – a huge mistake.

We at Stellar Cyber face the same challenge as other vendors in the space, but the difference for us is that we are doing something about it. Today I am pleased to introduce you to the new Stellar Cyber website, designed with the reader in mind. There are a few things we have implemented here that we hope will make for a more enjoyable, informative visit for anyone looking to uplevel their SecOps game, whether that be an MSSP or an Enterprise. Here are just a few things you will see in the new Stellar Cyber website:

  • A streamlined homepage where the visitor can self-identify as an MSSP, Enterprise, or potential partner 
  • New and updated website pages tailored to what the viewer cares about
  • A new pricing section outlining what a Stellar Cyber customer gets when they license our platform
  • A new before and after Stellar Cyber webpage focused on what we hear from our customers
  • And much more.

I encourage you to visit and see the difference for yourself.