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Stellar Cyber Integrates with Demisto Enterprise for AI-Driven Breach Detection with Automated Incident Response for Security Operations Teams

Integration Combines AI-driven SOC Platform with SOAR for SOC Teams to Stay Ahead of Increasingly Sophisticated Attacks.

December 18, 2018 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Stellar Cyber, a leading innovator in AI-driven cybersecurity solutions and a pioneer in pervasive breach detection systems, and Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch and Elastic Stack (formerly the ELK Stack), announced an expansion of their partnership that integrates Stellar Cyber’s Starlight, its flagship Data Driven Cyber Security System (PBDS), with Elastic’s popular Elastic Stack. Now, customers benefit from Elastic’s visualization, alerting, reporting and graphing technology with boosted security provided by Stellar Cyber’s advanced AI-driven breach detection solution.

Cybersecurity gets a boost with @Stellar CyberData and @elastic ‘s expanded partnership — provides customers with advanced AI-driven security solutions.

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The expanded agreement builds on the existing OEM partnership, where Stellar Cyber uses commercial Elastic technology in their own Starlight PBDS product. With the direct integration, Stellar Cyber’s Starlight PBDS now works seamlessly with Elasticsearch, allowing native configuration as a data sink for Starlight’s output. Elastic customers will benefit from Starlight’s powerful machine learning, security detections, data reduction, and enrichment capabilities, while continuing to use existing Elastic installations for long-term data analysis. Starlight users can now simply select Elastic as the preferred data sink directly from within the user interface for seamless connectivity and operation.

“Elastic is seeing increased adoption in security analytics use cases,” said Gregory Tademoto, Vice President of Business Development at Elastic. “Leveraging Elastic Stack, Stellar Cyber has delivered an impressive AI-driven cybersecurity solution. We are proud to work with Stellar Cyber. It’s a great endorsement of Elastic’s technology leadership in security.”

Elastic is the most widely used collection of open source products for solving mission-critical use cases like search, logging and analytics. With Stellar Cyber, Elastic customers have an off-the-shelf breach detection system that is tightly integrated, allowing them to benefit immediately from their investment in Elasticsearch without having to develop their own custom tools, detections, and scripts, while benefiting from Stellar Cyber’s cybersecurity expertise.

“With Starlight deployed in front of Elasticsearch, users benefit from machine learning enhanced security detections and threat hunting capabilities added to an already powerful search platform. For example, users can take advantage of existing SIEM investments in Elastic, ingesting the enhanced and reduced security data directly from Starlight to their Elasticsearch,” said Paul Jespersen, Vice President of Business Development at Stellar Cyber.

“We elected to partner with Elastic early on in our product development because Elasticsearch has taken real-time information discovery completely to the next level—the combination of its advanced search and analytics capabilities and its user-friendliness makes it the most powerful open source solution out there,” said John Peterson, Chief Product Officer, Stellar Cyber. “We believe in Elastic; the team and the technology clearly differentiate in a highly competitive market. Elastic has given us a significant advantage, providing Starlight with scalable, lightning fast data processing, storage and retrieval capabilities not found in other AI cybersecurity solutions. Stellar Cyber customers get the benefit of the commercial version of Elastic built-in with Starlight PBDS.”

About Stellar Cyber

Stellar Cyber invented the industry’s first Data Driven Cyber Security System (PBDS) with AI and Distributed Security Intelligence™, empowering organizations to proactively detect and thwart attacks on their critical data systems before damage is done. Stellar Cyber’s innovative approach pervasively collects and analyzes complete and contextual data with zero blind spots across networks, servers, applications, and intelligence feeds. Instead of overwhelming security teams with countless alarms, the Stellar Cyber PBDS uses Machine Learning to cut through the noise and deliver high-fidelity, actionable alerts, reducing the time to detect from months to minutes. Stellar Cyber’s software-based solution deploys easily and quickly in any computing and network environment. Located in Silicon Valley, CA, Stellar Cyber is backed b