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Stellar Cyber Launches Starlight 2.0, Security Industry’s first AI-Driven Multi-Tenant Breach Detection System; Announces MSSP Partner Program

New multi-tenant capability improves operational efficiency and reduces costs for MSSPs

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Stellar Cyber, a leading innovator in AI-driven cybersecurity solutions, announced today a major update to its Starlight™ Data Driven Cyber Security System (PBDS) with the release of software version 2.0. Starlight is the industry’s first breach detection system that can be deployed pervasively across all network infrastructures. With the update, Starlight is now the first to offer unique multi-tenancy capabilities, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs for MSSP and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) partners.

We’ve launched Starlight 2.0 the #security industry’s first AI-driven multi-tenant breach detection system & announced a #MSSP partner program

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The company also launched the Stellar Cyber MSSP Partner Program. The program introduces flexible options for existing and new Stellar Cyber Channel Partners to offer managed services using Starlight 2.0, either themselves or hosted and/or operated by an authorized MSSP partners. Starlight’s unique multi-tenancy feature makes it a powerful platform for MSSPs and organizations offering managed services.

The demand for security services is only expected to grow, according to several market research reports. Persistence Market Research, for example, forecasts that managed security services will reach about $101 billion worldwide by 2026.

“In an age of heightened cybersecurity threats, Starlight puts enterprise power and resources in the hands of MSSPs, MDRs, and other small- to mid-sized organizations,” said Paul Jespersen, VP Corporate and Business Development of Stellar Cyber. “For the first time, through services provided by MSSPs, MDRs, and other partners using Starlight as a shared platform, organizations can receive an unprecedented scale of cybersecurity protection and take advantage of big data and machine learning security features without having to buy expensive and dedicated appliances.”

Stellar Cyber will host a live webinar on Wednesday, June 27th, 2018, at 11 am PT to demonstrate Starlight’s new features and to present the MSSP Partner Program. Register for the webinar at:

Starlight 2.0: Powerful Multi-Tenant Support

Starlight 2.0 is the first AI-driven breach detection system with the capability to support multiple tenants on the same system. Stellar Cyber’s Multi-ML™ applies powerful and unique machine learning analysis separately to each tenant’s data. Multi-tenancy is a must for meeting data privacy/GPDR requirements.

“The ability to monitor all our clients individually, with machine learning on their own data set, but also view and manage all clients and their alerts collectively, is a game changer for MSSPs,” said Douglas Mannella, Vice President of Alliances at CyFlare, an Stellar Cyber MSSP partner.

In addition to full multi-tenant support, Starlight 2.0 key features and updates include:

  • more detections across the cyber kill chain
  • improved data collection and visibility, including for Microsoft Windows servers
  • further UI enhancements and reporting improvements
  • expanded deployment options that include Windows and Docker container systems
  • full support for Microsoft Azure and soon to be available in the Azure Marketplace and AWS Marketplace

Stellar Cyber’s MSSP Partner Program

The new MSSP Partner Program is designed to address the demand for managed security services, driven by the threat landscape and skills gap. Starlight has been architected from the ground up to support MSSPs and MDRs offering managed services. MDR is an emerging new class of MSSP designed to help organizations improve their threat detection and incident response proficiency.

Starlight delivers a wide range of real-time breach detections across the entire cybersecurity kill chain a