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Our new normal challenges the economic viability of traditional cybersecurity thinking.

Stellar Cyber’s new sensors eliminate blind spots in your, or your customers’, distributed environments without breaking the bank.

SIEM platform
As the past two years have taught us, businesses can function in any number of situations, even when all their employees are working remotely. However, now that we slowly return to business as usual, organizations are realizing that their normal has changed, in some cases significantly. Some companies with household recognizable names have stated publicly that they will allow employees to work remotely on a permanent basis, while others are mandating hybrid working schedules where employees regularly work part-time in the office. Long story short, the networks and IT environments companies were used to pre-pandemic are quite different today.

We have already seen attackers take notice of this new normal, aggressively seeking opportunities to exploit old and new blind spots. From a security team’s perspective, whether internal to an organization or external, now more than ever it is critical that the security tools they use provide comprehensive, 360-degree coverage, no matter where an asset is located.

Our new normal challenges the economic viability of traditional cybersecurity thinking.
We are pleased to announce that this week we released a new line of cost-effective Stellar Cyber sensors with rich functionality, as part of our Open XDR platform,   that enable security teams to eliminate the blind spots that exist in their own or their customers’ environments.

For MSSPs:

These new sensors enable security teams and MSSPs to collect, analyze, and even respond to identified threats “at the edge” of the environment, whether that be any cloud, on-premises, hybrid, or distributed environment. The sensors are packed with features and capabilities including DPI/NTA, IDS, Sandbox, Asset Discovery, log processing and forwarding, and local response capabilities in a single package, virtual or physical. These centrally managed and easily deployable sensors are ideal for MSSPs to offer the SOC-in-a-box solution that brings the security control as close as possible to where attacks may begin for their customers. This proximity means when a threat is detected, the time to respond is instantaneous, essentially driving MTTR close to zero. While zero can never fully be achieved, MSSPs and enterprises can significantly reduce their customers’  risk of a breach going undetected and causing significant damage by using these new sensors.

For Enterprises:

While the new Stellar Cyber sensors provide an excellent way to deliver consistent levels of security for enterprises with these “new normal” environments, as discussed above, they also fit nicely into those industries that are naturally distributed, such as retail stores, schools, universities, financial institutions, and healthcare providers, to name a few.

New sensors ensure you cost-effectively position security where it’s needed

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