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September Product Update: How I Spent My Summer Vacation:

SIEM platform

The Stellar Cyber September Product Update

As summer ends and the kids tearing up your house for the past 12 weeks head back to school, it’s time to let you know what the product team has been up to here at Stellar Cyber. We have made some nice updates to our Open XDR Platform in between riding the rapids and soaking up the sun. For all those users out there, check out the release notes in the help section of the dashboard, where you can see our head of product management Sam Jones walk you through the new goodies. Since you might be reading this on a train, subway, or some other place where you can’t hop onto the platform, I’ll give you a recap of what you can expect in 4.3.4.

“You Get SSO; You Get SSO!”

Just like no two snowflakes are the same (which is true, by the way), no two organizations have the exact single-sign-on (SSO) requirements. That might be a slight overstatement, but you get the idea that organizations’ SSO policies can differ. Well, in v4.3.4, we are now supporting tenant-specific SSO configuration. What you just heard was every MSSP giving a standing ovation for this seemingly small but considerably impactful feature. Now MSSPs can offer their customers more flexibility when delivering services. For enterprises, this could be useful if, for instance, business units in different geographies must follow other SSO policies. We like to provide flexibility, so this feature was a no-brainer.

It’s like DNA tracking for Incidents

Remember a few years ago, when using your DNA to find out if your great great great great uncle was the Archduke of some far-off land, well we have brought something similar into the Stellar Cyber platform for tracing incident score.

Now Stellar Cyber keeps a history of incident score changes so you can see what caused a low-score incident to shoot up to critical. Look for more incident history changes in the coming releases.

How about some Updated and New Integrations… Don’t mind if I do.

In v4.3.4, our out-of-the-box integrations now include Cybereason (Malops alerts) and CYRISMA (vulnerability management). We’ll also have a new way to review the details behind every integration with our updated integration card display. Now it’s easier than ever to know how we support your company’s security, IT, and productivity tools.

That’s what I call an API

APIs are powerful automation tools that can drive serious business improvements. In v4.3.4, we added two cool new features: querying based on a range, filters, and incident property updating. So now you can, for example, have the API pull all incidents based on a specific date range or score and share them with other tools in a snap. You could also have the API update the assignee name, for instance, programmatically, ensuring everything remains in sync. APIs are the hidden (or not so hidden) engine behind serious productivity improvements for many security teams. And now ours just got that much better.

Check out our new five-minute tour to learn more about the Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform.