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One of These Things is not Like the Others

By nature, humans are wired to avoid undue risks.

SIEM platform

While there are always exceptions to the rules, by and large when given the choice between the known and unknown, the typical person one will choose the known even though the choice might only deliver a marginally positive result. It is this natural bias towards the known/safe choices that can make it difficult for companies offering new and innovative solutions to gain a foothold in any market. This is certainly true in the cybersecurity industry, so when you find your up-and-coming company highlighted as one of CRN’s
“10 Hot XDR Security Companies You Should Watch” right along with some of the biggest players in the market it is worth taking a minute to enjoy it. In the short write up Mr. Alspach notes how Stellar Cyber is “challenging many of the cybersecurity giants in the XDR space” by offering hundreds of “turnkey” integrations as well as AI to power detections. We couldn’t agree more with his opening statements. Unlike others in the XDR space that use their own EDR agent as the main aggregator of data, our approach revolves around an Open approach to data collection and incident response.

In our opinion cybersecurity decision-makers have been hamstrung by their cybersecurity vendors who force them to use or replace security controls in order to use their products. From our perspective the decision-maker must maintain full autonomy over their security stack, so we never force an organization to “rip-and-replace” any security product they are using. We work with what they use. If and when they decide to make changes there is more than a likely chance that we already have a connector or parser for the new product they will use. On the rare occasion when the integration doesn’t exist, we build it free of charge. While we know our technology will perform well against any competitor, decision-makers do not only choose a product based on the features it delivers. Faced with declining human resources and budgets, lean security teams need assurance that whichever product/vendor they select will give them the tools they need to be successful.

To that end, Stellar Cyber invests heavily in our relationship with our customers after the ink has dried on the contract. From working with our Customer Enablement to get the platform up and running, Stellar Cyber Academy offers on-demand training courses that help your security analysts know how to use the platform, our Customer Success team proactively reaches out to customers to ensure each team is getting the most out of their investment and our 24/7 Customer Support team always ready to answer questions it is clear that Stellar Cyber goes the extra mile for our customers. We appreciate being recognized as a company to watch in 2023 and look forward to continuing to deliver the best possible whole-product experience for our customers. More to follow.

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