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Product Review: Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform

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Product Review: Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform
Almost every vendor, from email gateway companies to developers of threat intelligence platforms, is positioning themselves as an XDR player. But unfortunately, the noise around XDR makes it harder for buyers to find solutions that might be right for them or, more importantly, avoid ones that don’t meet their needs.

Stellar Cyber delivers an Open XDR solution that allows organizations to use whatever security tools they desire in their security stack, feeding alerts and logs into Stellar Cyber. Stellar Cyber’s “Open” approach means their platform can work with any product. As a result, a security team can make changes without wondering if the Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform will still work.

Stellar Cyber address the needs of lean enterprise security teams by providing capabilities typically found in NG-SIEM, NDR, and SOAR products in their Open XDR platform, managed by a single license. This consolidation enables customers to eliminate security stack complexity.

Stellar Cyber services customers in all major industries, with customers across Europe, Asia, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and Africa, providing security for over 3 million assets. In addition, Stellar Cyber claims after deployment, users see up to 20x faster mean time to respond (MTTR), a bold claim.

Responding to an Incident from the Home page

Firewall Traffic AnalysisWhen logging into Stellar Cyber, the initial screen is the analyst home screen, showing stats such as top incidents and riskiest assets. An interesting piece on this screen is what Stellar Cyber calls the Open XDR Kill Chain. Clicking on any segment of the kill chain, such as “Initial Attempts,” shows threats associated with that portion of the attack chain.

Responding to an Incident from the Home pageFor example, the user can see these alerts with the stage “Initial Attempts” set by Stellar Cyber automatically. The user can see more information about the alert by clicking on “View” on any of the alerts. Then, scrolling down the screen, the user can click the “more info” hyperlink to see more information about the selected alert.

Product Review: Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform

Here a user can read about the incident, review the details, and see the raw data behind this incident and the JSON, which is copiable to a clipboard if necessary. In addition, by clicking the “Actions” button, the user can see other powerful platform features.

Network Detection and Response Platform

The user can take response actions from this screen, such as “add a filter, trigger an email, or take external action. Clicking on external action shows an additional picklist. The user can click on Endpoint to see the action options from contain host to shutdown host.

User Behavior Analytics

When clicking on an action, like contain host, a configuration dialog displays where the user can select the connector to use, the target of the action, and any other options required to initiate the action chosen. In summary, security analysts, especially junior ones, will find this workflow very useful in that they can a) quickly review details of an incident from the home screen, b) see even more details by going further into the data, and c) take a remediation action from this screen without writing any scripts or code.

The enterprise can help onboard new analysts by having them work on this view to familiarize them with the platform, handling low-priority incidents so other analysts can work on the more critical incidents.

Exploring Incidents

Exploring IncidentsInstead of clicking on the Open XDR Kill Chain, if the user clicks “Incidents,” the screen below is shown.

Open XDR Kill ChainWhen the user clicks on the carrot in the blue circle, a filtering list enables a user to hone in on a specific type of incident. The user can go directly to the details button to see what is in this detail view.

Internal RansomwareThe user can see how this incident occurred and propagated across multiple assets. Further, the user can automatically see the files, processes, users, and services associated with the incident. So, for example, the user could switch to the timeline view to get a readable history of this incident.

Open XDR solution

And click the small “i” to get to the detail screen shown previously.

Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform

In summary, analysts who are used to working from a list of alerts may like to start their investigations from the incidents page. This view is also beneficial as it automatically shows all alerts associated with this incident in a single view.

Threat Hunting in Stellar Cyber

Threat Hunting in Stellar Cyber

Users can initiate a threat hunt from the screen above. The stats on the screen change dynamically by typing in a term, such as “login,” in the search dialog. Then, scrolling down the screen, users can see a list of alerts filtered based on the search term.

Users can create a “correlation search” under the search dialog box.

Threat Hunting in Stellar Cyber

Users can load a saved query or add a new query. Clicking the add query, the user can see this query builder. This builder enables a search across the Stellar Cyber datastores for threats that went unnoticed. Here the user can also access the threat hunting library.

Stellar Cyber datastores for threats that went unnoticed

Finally, the user can create response actions that automatically execute if the query returns matches.

In summary, Stellar Cyber offers a simple threat-hunting platform that doesn’t require users to build their own ELK stack or be a power scripter. This feature is an easy way to add a threat-hunting element to a security team without hiring a senior threat hunter.

Stellar Cyber is a solid security operations platform with many features that could help a security team improve productivity. If in the market for a new SecOps platform and open to adopting (in whole or part) a new approach to security, it is worth looking at what Stellar Cyber offers. To learn more about Stellar Cyber, try the 5-minute product tour.

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