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IUWorld Cybersecurity Governance, Risk & Compliance

Part II: User and Entity Behavior Management
(10-minute discussion & demo)

Jeff: Welcome to the 2nd Episode of IUWorld Thought Leadership Series in Cybersecurity GRC – Governance Risk & Compliance. A big welcome to all of you who have joined us in this webinar. 1st of all, let me introduce the team. My name is Jeff Chau, director, digital transformation from IUWorld.

With me here today is Snehal Contractor from Stellar Cyber.  Snehal is the Vice President responsible for Worldwide System Engineering & Technical Services.

Welcome Snehal for joining us the IUWorld Thought Leadership series. Next, I like to introduce IUWorld.

We are 20 years in ICT business; rooted in HK & Macau and what we now call the Greater Bay Area. Our clienteles range from banks & financial institutions, Government & NGOs to commercial enterprises & Gaming resorts. Today we specialize in Cybersecurity services with focus on GRC innovations.

The way we work is, through these technology innovations, to craft organizational business case for business resilience.  I like to call it “Transformational Project”.

Let’s move on to today’s topic – user entity behavior analysis (UEBA).

Recognising the growing importance of Regulatory Technology (Regtech), one of the key aspects is to look into user & entity behavior in an organization for prudential risk management & regulatory compliance.

Let’s take a look at the definition of UEBA. It really is about whether one has visibility into its user / system within their data, network host.

What it means is how one is able to monitor system-to-system communications and from human interactions with applications & the ability to identify malicious insiders / external attackers infiltrating their organizations.

This is a use case of Regtech on analytics of activities – how AI can help to draw insights from these behaviors (what is considered normal or anomaly that can be identified in a timely manner).

It is indeed for transparency, consistency & standardization how organization delivers sound interpretation the regulations.

JEFF: Hello Snehal, today I want your thoughts on User Entity Behavior analysis – UEBA — and how you see it transforming Governance, Risk and Compliance

SNEHAL: Jeff, thanks for hosting another session with us. And I could not agree more. UEBA is transforming cybersecurity and is in fact — center stage — because of our new normal

  • Our customers and partners say now they have many new remote users—changing all your baselines and creating new attack vectors
  • And many organizations have even more cloud and SaaS infrastructure—potentially limiting visibility and loss of control
  • With these challenges, UEBA ensures your SOC team can more quickly uncover complex attacks—Users and Entities at the end of