Three Reasons Securonix Customers are Moving to Stellar Cyber

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There is an innate quality humans have to resist change. Our brains are hardwired to resist change, according to researchers. A part of our brain called the amygdala sees change as a threat and releases hormones for fear, fight, or flight. So when change arises, our brain tries to protect us from harm1, which makes us resist making a change. So how do we overcome our preference for “the status quo”? 

David Gleicher and Kathie Dannemiller created a handy formula to determine the likelihood of change. This formula breaks down like this:

C = D x V x F > R


C = Change

D = Dissatisfaction with how things are now

V = A positive vision for the future

F = First concrete steps to make the vision a reality

R = Resistance to change


Since the factors are all multiplied, if anyone of them is not present (0), change will almost certainly not occur. We work with companies who make this calculation often regarding the technology they use to protect their environments, whether they know it or not. 

Recently several organizations decided to replace their Securonix deployment with the Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform. So for them, the benefits of moving to Stellar Cyber outweighed any resistance to making a change. Having talked with these organizations, we heard three common concerns/issues that I suspect many current Securonix customers grapple with daily.


What do you mean I can’t do this myself?

Stellar Cyber works with two different types of organizations, MSSPs, and Enterprises. This first reason was mentioned multiple times by our new MSSP customers. 

In the ultra-competitive MSSP world, customers expect exceptional customer service. If they do not get it, they can easily find another MSSP to manage their security. Understanding this, MSSPs work hard to meet and exceed every customer’s expectations from day one. However, when we talked to our new MSSPs from Securonix, they discussed the difficulty in onboarding new customers in their Securonix instances. Since Securonix does not offer a true multi-tenant multi-tier experience, the MSSP has to request a Securonix support person to onboard a new tenant, which could take multiple days. In some cases, this delay impacted the MSSP’s ability to service their customers effectively, impacting their bottom line. 

With Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform MSSPs can create new tenants, integrations, and users in a matter of minutes without involving us.


How long for that parser?

This reason impacts both MSSP and Enterprise customers. 

Security practitioners know that they need comprehensive security data to get complete answers. In other words, when they cannot incorporate a security data source into their analysis, they are left with a blind spot. Speaking with new Stellar Cyber customers who left Securonix, many reported waiting months for new data parsers from Securonix. Every day that passed without a needed parser meant living with a blind spot that could lead to a serious breach. 

Stellar Cyber works closely with our customers to ensure every data source they need to incorporate is supported. If a customer needs a new data parser, we will work hard to deliver the parser, free of charge, in a matter of weeks. 


Sticker Shock

This final reason impacts both MSSP and Enterprise customers.

Nothing is more frustrating than buying a product only to find out the price you thought you would pay does not include everything you need to do the job. Whether buying a car, a vacation package for the family, or cybersecurity software, people want to feel like they are working with a company that isn’t going to continuously “nickel-and-dime” them for new capabilities. Many of the new Stellar Cyber customers coming from Securonix told us they were uncomfortable with the continuous “add-on” charges they would have to pay to get new capabilities added to their Securonix deployment. The uncertainty about what their Securonix deployment would cost made budgeting more complicated than they wanted.

Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform customers, whether MSSP or Enterprise, get all the platform’s capabilities for a single price. Further, as we continue to enhance the platform with new features, Stellar Cyber customers can be confident that they will receive them at no additional cost. 


The Bottom Line

Securonix customers are moving to Stellar Cyber because we address these concerns discussed, and many others, more effectively than Securonix

So, their formula looked like this:

I moved to Stellar Cyber


The dissatisfaction with Secruonix


The vision of how things can be better with Stellar Cyber


The ease with which I can move to Stellar Cyber


The resistance to leave Securonix


At the end of the day, it’s just simple math. 

If any of these reasons ring true for you, contact us to schedule an initial consultation with a Stellar Cyber expert to learn about the special offers we have to make it easy for you to move from Securonix to Stellar Cyber.